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Unexpected Benefits of Signing Up for Health Insurance

The good news is that about 304 million Americans — or roughly 92% of people in this country — have health insurance policies. The bad news is that around 26 million people in the U.S. are still without it. If you’re among them, City Centre Insurance Agency LLC can help you secure a health insurance policy in Houston, TX. Discover the unexpected benefits of signing up for health insurance below.

Makes You Healthier Overall

Those in Houston, TX without health insurance don’t typically make it a point to schedule regular check-ups with doctors. This can result in people suffering from certain health conditions unnecessarily. When you obtain a health insurance policy through City Centre Insurance Agency LLC, you can start seeing your primary doctor more and avoid conditions that can compromise your health.

Prevents You From Taking On Medical Debt

Over 20 million Americans have at least $1,000 worth of medical debt, and about half of these people have at least $2,000 worth of medical debt. By obtaining health insurance, you’ll put yourself in a position to get the medical care you need without having to break the bank every time you have to see a doctor or head to the hospital.

Provides You With Peace of Mind

If you’re always walking around worrying about when the next medical emergency within your family is going to take place, you’ll find yourself being stressed out all the time. Knowing you have health insurance to foot the bill for doctor’s visits and emergency room trips will help ease your mind.

Are you interested in shopping for a health insurance policy in Houston, TX? City Centre Insurance Agency LLC would love to assist you. Contact us today to get started.

Managed care and what you need to know

Health insurance is something that most people are not familiar with. It is not as simple as just choosing a plan, it is a matter of understanding what managed care is and how it affects you and your health.  City Centre Insurance Agency LLC in Houston, TX offers more than one insurance carrier to guarantee that you will have the best possibility of finding the right policy. 

When it is time to choose your health policy for the year, it can be very confusing. Understanding what will be covered, how much it will pay, and what managed care means are all important. You will have to live with the decision that you make for the next year. That is a long time to live with a bad decision. 

Basics of Managed Care

There are three basic types of managed care: HMO, PPO, and POS. There are important differences between the different types and knowing what those differences are and how they affect your coverage. Managed care organizations have contracts with groups of healthcare providers and medical facilities to help control costs. The more restrictive a plan is, the less it usually costs. 


HMO stands for Heath Maintenance Organization which is the most restrictive type. With an HMO you need to get care within the network and have a primary care physician to coordinate your care. 


PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization will usually give the best rates for care within the network. But will pay part of the costs outside the network. 


Point of Service coverage is a combination of HMO and PPO.  It lets you choose which type of coverage you want on each occasion. 

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