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My Car Was Vandalized! Now What?

So, someone got mad at you and took it out on your car. Maybe they weren’t even angry at you, but the Astros lost, and some rioters came after your vehicle. Shame on them. Hopefully, you were smart enough to get auto insurance. If your car was insured, you may be able to recoup your losses in the event of vandalization. 

What is Vandalism?

The legal definition of vandalism is an intentional act that mars, destroys, defaces, alters, or otherwise damages another person’s property. This includes spray paint, keying the paint job, slashing tires, breaking windows and/or mirrors, egging, and other malicious damage. 

What to Do Now

Call the police on a non-emergency line. They will take down a report and provide a copy for your insurance claim. An arrest will likely only be made if you catch someone in the act. If you can prove this person did the damage, they may be court-ordered to pay for repairs or replacement. Otherwise, your insurance will have to cover it. Take care not to disturb any evidence after you come to the scene of the crime. Take out your phone and take pictures from multiple angles. Contact your insurer to report the incident and discuss repairs. The adjuster will let you know where to have the repairs done. Please do not attempt to do it yourself. 

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