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Is Commercial Insurance Necessary to Have?

If you run your own business or are anticipating launching one in the coming months or years, you’re likely familiar with commercial insurance at this point. However, those just starting out and maybe a bit strapped for cash will naturally wonder whether or not they actually need commercial insurance. No matter where you’re in your journey, let’s explore why commercial insurance is often necessary and how you can come here to City Centre Insurance Agency LLC in Houston, TX to get started. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance?

The need for commercial insurance encompasses two main areas: a legal requirement and a need for business protection. Regarding the legality of commercial insurance in Texas, it’s not technically required. However, certain companies may need specific types of commercial insurance, like workers’ compensation, if they’re contracting with the government. 

If you don’t legally need it, should you still get it? Absolutely! Commercial insurance protects you if customers or clients sue you if something happens to the building that requires you to repair it or in the event of other financial or physical damages. Even if you don’t have to have it because there are no laws in place to demand it, having it on your side will be worth it should you face challenges in your business that require coverage to overcome them. 

Find the Right Commercial Insurance With City Centre Insurance Agency LLC

Are you ready to begin your business journey? Here at City Centre Insurance Agency LLC in Houston, TX, we make it easy to find the right coverage for your business, whether small or big, online or brick-and-mortar or any other kind of business. Contact us today to learn more and compare quotes!

How commercial insurance protects your small business

Owning your own small business is part of the American dream. To avoid having that dream become a nightmare, having the right commercial insurance is essential. Owning a business is full of risks and mitigating those risks as much as possible is what you hope your commercial insurance will do. In Houston, TX, you can count on City Centre Insurance Agency LLC to help you to have the commercial insurance that is perfect for your small business. 

Commercial Insurance Benefits

Property coverage

Commercial property insurance covers the building if you own it, but it also covers all the things that you use to do business. Depending on the nature of your business it can be machinery, tools, display units, electronics, office equipment, records, inventory, and raw materials. You will be able to get back on your feet much quicker with this coverage. 

Liability coverage

Being sued is one of the biggest dangers that small businesses face. Without this coverage, your business may not be able to survive if you have to pay a judgment against you and the legal fees that go along with it. 

Business interruption insurance

If your small business is hit by a covered peril, how will you meet your payroll or pay the regular monthly expenses? With business interruption insurance you will get the money that you need to stay current until you are able to get back up and running. Just because your business is down doesn’t mean your expenses go away. 

Workers Compensation

Employers in Texas are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but that doesn’t mean that they are not required to pay employees who are injured. Having workers’ compensation coverage makes everyone, the employer and the employee feel more secure. 

We Are Here To Help

Call City Centre Insurance Agency LLC in Houston, TX if you want the help of our experienced independent agents when choosing your commercial coverage. 

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